FreudenFest SWAG

Browse our market along Pig Tail Alley for your FF Swag

Ball Caps

A little FF Swag for your head! Wear it frontwards, backwards, sideways, or however you do… You’ll be rocking some FF Swag your style!

A one size fits all hat that has seen many color variations like black, pink, red, blue and more!

Visor more your thing? We have those too!

Ceramic Mugs

Coming all the way from Germany, these ceramic mugs make for a great vessel for your drink. And when you aren’t using them to hold your drink, they look really good on display.

With new artwork every year and a limited supply, these mugs have quickly become a collector’s item.

Can Koozies

Keep your drink cold and dry with some Freufenfest style! Featuring the classic “Village Of Spires” emblem on both sides, choose either red or yellow to wrap your drink in FF swag!


When you are not wearing your German festival attire, why not don an official Freudenfest T-shirt? With a new T-shirt added every year, there are plenty of styles to choose from (while supplies last).

So pick the one you like the best and rock the T at the festival, or show your FF Swag when you are out and about!

Festival Hats

Aside from our traditional ball caps, browse through our many festival hats. You will always find the classic chicken hat, but you may never know what else could show up from year to year. The fun has consisted of viking hats, striped top hats, german hats, crowns, helmets, and more.

Let your fun out with a festival hat!

FF This or That

It is worth taking a stroll along the Merch booth in Pig Tail Alley. Along with all of our before mentioned items, there are so many other ways to increase your FF Swag!

Look for items like ornaments, handkercheifs, bags, pins, buttons, engraved cups, and more.