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The Festival of Fun

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At it’s inception, the volunteers of 1976 worked to create an event with one simple goal - A Family Fun Day. A day where families all around could come, enjoy music, food, drink, and activities all while celebrating the German Heritage from where the town descends.

The fest may be a bit bigger today than it was in ’76, but attendees can still find the abundance of the family fun started by the founding volunteers. A day of fun where one can find themselves performing the chicken dance, tossing a naked chicken, watching the Dachshunds race, or simply, enjoying meeting up with an old friend.

The Dachshunds Return!

Dachshund Race

Dachshunds in their starting positions... gun about to blast... crowd buzzing... Come witness one of the greatest races in Indiana!



Der German Games


German Celebration


Auctions & Contests


Freudenfest Workout


Food & Sauerkraut

Food Court


Sounds of brats sizzling, ribeyes flaming up, that deep frier hitting the oil…. Tssss… then comes the aroma - not just from the grill, but of fresh baked pretzels, roasted almonds… oh my, are the senses tickled!

'Locally World Famous' SauerKraut Balls


Hand rolled by volunteers months in advance, hundreds of dozens are cooked, rolled, then immediately frozen - ready for the festival. Order your dozen at the festival, those taste buds will be dancing for joy!

Traditional Dinner


Interested in a full plated meal, all made from scratch...We got you! Offering main courses like fried chicken and the German classic - Sausage & Sauerkraut.

Bier Garten

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Beer Map

Bier Selection


Being a German Festival, we proudly offer a vast selection of German Style Bier. Some come all the way from Germany, some from a nearby city and some are brewed right here in the Village of Spires

Not into the German Styles? We do have domestic options available on Saturday ONLY.

Bier Tickets


How it works - First, show your ID to get your wristband upon entering the festival. Then find the Bier Ticket Booth to purchase your bier tickets. You will not be served if you do not have a wristband AND a bier ticket.

One bier ticket = 16oz pour



Prefer to enjoy a glass of wine with those sauerkraut balls?

Excellent! We are proud to offer wine from some of our local wineries!

Drink Responsibly


If you choose to drink at the festival - Please Drink Responsibly. Please do not choose to drive home drunk, utilize our shuttle service, or select a Designated Driver.

We are not responsible for accidents.

Get Your Freud On!

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Want to rep some festival gear? A chicken hat? Maybe a Viking helmet? We can help - check out the Merch Booth to grab some gear. Mugs, shirts, hats, you name it and it’s likely there.

Take a stroll down Pig Tail Alley to "Get Your Freud On!"

Back Home Again in the Village of Spires!

Back Home Again

Mugs & T-Shirts available during the festival!

Our Mission

The Freudenfest, meaning "festival of fun”, is a non profit organization that originated in 1976 by volunteers who envisioned holding a “family fun day”.

The mission then is the same today, “to provide a high quality festival that celebrates the richness of our German Heritage community through people having a fun day with their family and friends”.

The annual reunion has fondly become known as:

Mission Logo

The BIGGEST little German festival in Indiana

Festival Notes

There will be an ATM on site.

No alocholic beverages are permitted coming into or leaving the festival grounds

Pets are not permitted within the festival grounds except service animals and Dachshund’s participating in the 2:00pm race. We are sorry but we cannot allow pets in the festival. With the heat and crowd it is not a safe or comfortable environment for pets.